Etzioni explains Communitarianism in a few minutes

Amitai Etzioni explains Communitarianism in “five minutes” (in fact in a bit more than 11 minutes…). Great! I have a lot of questions especially regarding the relationship between individual freedom and the strenghts of social norms but nevertheless find this a very interesting and attractive political philosphy.  See the “The Five Minute Communitarian HD video.

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Amitai Etzioni über das Facebook-Experiment: “Facebook’s Experiment: Trivial Pursuit | Amitai Etzioni”

Amitai Etzioni kritisiert das (jüngste) Facebook-Experiment, meint aber zu Recht, dass die Kritiker übersähen, dass die übliche, alltägliche  Werbung viel stärker manipulativ sei:

“Robert Klitzman, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, added that it was not a “trivial undertaking,” but rather a “scandalous” experiment that “violates accepted research ethics.” What these commentators ignore is that what Facebook did not very “cool” pales in comparison to what Madison Avenue and the marketing departments of corporations from Amazon to Zales do every day of the week, during the weekends, and especially during holidays. While Facebook did not make up any new messages but merely selected some over others, from those already out in the public domain, typical advertisers concoct messages not with the purpose if finding out what would lift people’s dour mood, but rather to manipulate people to buy junk they do not need. See our short video, “You Don’t

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