Amitai Etzioni: “We Are What We Celebrate”

[brightcove vid=2041664909001&exp3=1253025976001&surl=,AAAABDk7A3E~,xYAUE9lVY9_brapKCzkbqstpY8k7QvJH&w=300&h=225]

Amitai Etzioni talks about family and holiday celebration. I find it interesting to view celebrating Christmas from Etzioni’s (communitarian) perspective.

“You Don’t Need to Buy This”

“It is not for you, but for anyone, maybe more than one, you know who is still hooked on consumerism—children, friends, and others.” (Source: Email from The Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies (

Amitai Etzioni speaks on consumerism and what makes you really happy: