Interesting article and video on BlackRock: “BlackRock – The company that owns the world?”

Investigate Europe shows an informative video on “BlackRock – The company that owns the world?”

Read more here: Besides the video you will find links to a lot of newspaper articles on BlackRock and a map of the stock ownership of BlackRock in European countries.

The Wallstreet Journal (March 27, 2018) writes: “Just what the world needs: another European antitrust investigation. Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager says the European Union’s office that never sleeps is researching stock ownership, and the effort could eventually ensnare U.S. investment firms like Blackrock and Vanguard.
Ms. Vestager is worried that large asset managers that own shares in multiple companies within the same industry blunt competition. “For those investors, fierce competition [within the industry] might not seem so appealing,” she said last month. Given her wide powers and history of overreach, don’t be surprised if Europe’s antitrust Javerts find something they dislike no matter what economic common sense or broader European interests dictate.” (