4th International Research Workshop “Methods for Ph.D.” in October 2010

4th International Research Workshop “Methods for Ph.D.”

October 3-8, 2010, Akademie Sankelmark, Flensburg (Germany) University of Southern Denmark, Sonderborg (Denmark)

For the fourth time Ph.D. students in the field of Social Sciences and
Economics have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience in research on empirical data, including SOEP. The workshop language will be English. Interested parties from all countries are invited. The workshop is especially for those who need training in the process of choosing a topic, grounding the research idea in theory, as well as in gathering and analyzing data and presenting results in scientific contexts.

The workshop tackles these steps of Ph.D. research projects: – gathering data through (un)structured interviews and analyzing standardized survey data (e.g., SOEP), – using the computer for content analysis and as a statistical tool, – writing a report and making presentations.

These steps will strengthen the cooperation in empirical research to … Mehr lesen...