Voices of the World of Work – ETUI.Podcast

Interesting podcast (more here: https://www.etui.org/Podcasts). I quote from an email I recently received:

“The ETUI has recently launched a new service etui.podcast, voices on the world of work.

etui.podcasts offer new perspectives, debates and conversations about ongoing research and education on social Europe, worker participation, health and safety, the wider labour movement and the world of work.

Listen now to the first 5 episodes and subscribe to Anchor, Spotify, PocketCast, GooglePodcast, RadioPublic, Breaker

  1. Episode #1 (EN) with Stan De Spiegelaere: COVID19, the crisis we did not expect and its impact on work, the case of Belgium.
  2. Episode #2 (FR) avec Laurent Vogel: La crise du Covid-19 analysée sous l’angle de la santé et sécurité au travail
  3. Episode #3 (EN) with Zane Rasnača, social protection and the rule of law in times of COVID19, the case of Latvia
  4. Episode #4 (EN) with Bela Galgoczi, COVID19 and the climate crisis: their interconnections and lessons from both with facts and figures behind the scenes
  5. Episode #5 (EN) with Ilaria Costantini, Trade union education in times of crisis: is the online a viable solution? “