“Developments in German Industrial Relations” – new publication

“This book presents a review of the last twenty years of research in German industrial relations. Divided into three parts, it begins by exploring the major developments in this field of research. It then describes the academic field of industrial relations in Germany from different perspectives, looking back on twenty years of “Industrielle Beziehungen” – the German Journal of Industrial Relations. This is rounded off by an analysis of the changes in the real world of the German model and its major institutions, namely the DGB trade unions and co-determination on the establishment-level. In addition, the book discusses the contributions of neighbouring disciplines, particularly human resource management, economics, and labour law.

As the German model and its developments are interesting not only for researchers in industrial relations, but also for practitioners in business and administration, this volume addresses both groups of readers.” (Source: http://www.cambridgescholars.com/developments-in-german-industrial-relations)

Artus, Ingrid; Behrens, Martin; Keller, Berndt; Matiaske, Wenzel; Nienhüser, Werner; Rehder, Britta; Wirth, Carsten (Eds.) (2016): Developments in German Industrial Relations. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.