Interesting conference: “Flexwork Conference 2015”

Navigating the Changing World of Work – a Flexwork Research Conference Navigating the Changing World of Work – a Flexwork research conference / expert meeting 5th NCWW 2015 – Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 22-23 Oct 2015:

“Exploring non-standard employment in inclusive labour markets – outlining key issues and metrics” In the EU organization and regulation of employment are under pressure. Growing flexibilization and particularization of employment relationships brings possibilities of adaption, development and innovation. At the same time it brings insecurity and risks of short-term opportunistic behaviors. Furthermore previously relatively self-evident issues of, for example, community, social and economic maintenance and development have come under pressure and require more active attention. For a large part challenges in employment and HRM have become more complex and require further and fresh thinking, both about the issues at stake and about the metrics that can be used to illuminate the issues and support decision-making. For Flexwork research there seems to be a lot to gain from cross-fertilization between the debates at the various levels of investigation. At the same time, the academic debate at the various levels has developed its own lingua, experiential base, and contribution to the debate on regulation, organization and management of nonstandard employment. At the level of fundamental academic research the different areas each make valuable contributions, but seldomly meet. The 2015 Flexwork research conference in Rotterdam is organized with the aim to stimulate critical and inquiring debate around these issues. To address the important themes in the labour market, in the organization of work, and at the level of individual jobs we have organized a working conference where we address core issues at each level in three rounds engaging invited expert participants in a debate across these levels. The Flexwork research conference is organized bi-annually by Flexwork research ( with the aim to fundamentally, critically and creatively discuss issues around nonstandard and temporary work. The format of the conference is adapted every conference.

Keynote speakers Raymond Torres (ILO) “Key issues and criteria for measuring Inclusiveness, comparing different debates, ways forward and questions ahead” Chris Warhurst (Warwick) “Successful local resilience in the face of global pressures for cost reduction and fragmentation” Amy Wrzesnieski (Yale) “The meaning of the job – job crafting, career and calling. Shaping interactions and relationships in nonstandard employment – the possibilities and challenges of being a good employer”

Source: Flexwork Conference 2015