Interesting website on “New Unionism – Organizing globally for workplace democracy”

“HOW do we build global unions? … New Unionism Network members have been bouncing around some tricky questions over the past few years, but none as curly as this: How do we build global unions? that is, unions of workers– as well as the existing global federations of unions. Here are some answers we have come up with. Please pick at least one and let us hear your response! Members are very welcome to submit further proposals for discussion click here for guidelines etc.• Supply Chain Unionism• Social Network Unionism• Parecon Unionism• Direct Unionism• Peer-to-Peer Unionism• Global Frameworks Unionism• One Big Union-ism• Global Campaign Unionism• Occupational Citizenship Unionism” (Source:, 2014-07-11), via New Unionism – Organizing globally for workplace democracy.

The network has also just launched the “Global Union Database Project“, a wiki about union membership data;

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