Neue Publikation: “Works Councils”

Nienhüser, Werner (2014): Works Councils. In: Adrian Wilkinson, Jimmy Donaghey, Tony Dundon und Richard B. Freeman (Hg.): Handbook of Research on Employee Voice. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Press, S. 247–263 (Auszüge aus dem Beitrag).

“Works councils are an instrument with which to represent employee interests to management and a means for furthering industrial and societal democracy. For a long time, these functions were at the forefront of the academic debate. Today, the debate is receiving fresh impetus, partly because in many countries we find a growing representation gap through decreasing union density and works councils are being discussed as a possible means of compensating the diminished power of employee representation (Buchanan and Briggs, 2002: 69). At the same time, however, a relatively new element has joined  the debate. Employee ‘voice’ is increasingly being seen as a factor of growing importance from the perspective of efficiency and management interests (Markey, 2007: 188). It is assumed that participation, also in the form of a works council, involves employees in reorganization  processes,  which  in  turn  raises  commitment  and  ultimately  economic efficiency.  …”  (Source: Nienhüser 2014: 247).

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