New Publication – Management Revue (Special Issue 1/2013): Societal Embeddedness of Human Resource Management Practices and Strategies

management revue, volume 24, issue 1, 2013

Special Issue:  Societal Embeddedness of Human Resource Management Practices and Strategies, edited by Werner Nienhueser

“Corporate activity does not take place in a social vacuum. Human Resource Management strategies and practices are influenced significantly by their social environment.  For example, the laws and values of a country have a facilitating or restricting influence on how human resources are utilized. At the same time, HRM practices, intentionally or otherwise, contribute to reproducing social conditions: payment systems help to shape attitudes to work, working time regulations influence family life, and so on. What is difficult to estimate is the extent to which the HRM practices of individual companies damage their own functional  prerequisites: if  many companies were to stop investing in training, for instance, this would cause recruitment problems in the long term. …. ” (Source: Werner Nienhueser: Societal Prerequisites and Consequences of Human Resource Management)