Flex Work Research Centre bietet Informationen über Zeitarbeit

“The Flex Work Research Centre helps you find research in the field of temporary work, flexible labour, labour contracts, tempwork agencies, labour markets and employment.” (Quelle: http://www.flexworkresearch.org)

Hier einige ausgewählte aktuelle Publikationen, die hier heruntergeladen werden können:

  • Are unemployment insurance systems in Europe adapting to new risks arising from non-standard employment? 2007. Janine Leschke.
  • Transitions from temporary to permanent work in Canada: Who makes the transition and why? 2008. Tony Fang, Fiona MacPhail.
  • Nurse Aide Agency Staffing and Quality of Care in Nursing Homes, 2008. Nicholas G. Castle, John Engberg, Aiju Men.
  • Agency Relationships, Embeddedness and Employment Relations , 2007. Leszek Chajewski.
  • You Can Take it with You! The Returns to Foreign Human Capital of Male Temporary Foreign Workers, 2007. Casey Warman.

Weitere Titel sind in der Datenbank recherchierbar.