Kein Methodenzwang!

Paul Feyerabend über Regeln in der Forschung. Auch der Feyerabend ist aber für Ordnung in der Küche. Oder: Manchmal kann man auch mit dem, was gerade in der Küche ist, ein leckeres, ganz neuartiges Gericht kochen. Kochbücher sind gut, aber auch einengend.

“… one can show the following: given any rule, however ‘fundamental’ or ‘rational’, there are always circumstances when it is advisable not only to ignore the rule, but to adopt its opposite. For example, there are circumstances when it is advisable to introduce, elaborate, and defend ad hoc hypotheses, or hypotheses which contradict well-established and generally accepted experimental results, or hypotheses whose content is smaller than the content of the existing and empirically adequate alternative, or self-inconsistent hypotheses, and so on. There are even circumstances – and they occur rather frequently – when argument loses its forward-looking aspect and becomes a hindrance to progress.” (Feyerabend, P. (1993). Against
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