Um die US-Mentalität besser zu verstehen: ein Film und ein Buch


Wer die Mentalität eines großen Teils der US-Bevölkerung besser verstehen möchte, sollte heute Abend (mal wieder viel zu spät, aber es gibt ja die Mediathek) den Film “Winter’s Bone” ansehen, mit Jennifer Lawrence in der Hauptrolle.

“Set in the Ozarks, in a small community where illegal methamphetamine trade flourishes in a devastated economy, Winter’s Bone follows the travails of Ree Dolly, a 17-year-old girl who spends the length of the film trudging through the bleak chill of southwestern Missouri in its darkest season, with the trees black spikes and hills bleached silver and rust. Ree’s father, a meth cooker, has gone missing while out on bail, but not before putting the house his three children live in up as collateral against his bond. To save her family from homelessness, Ree must find her father, and to do that, she navigates a harrowing underground where blood ties offer
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