Socialism in the U.S.?: “Some illuminating Reactions to Elizabeth Warren’s Worker Rights Plan” – how commentars on the right view #codetermination

“It’s socialism! It’s the death of the economy! It’s… a plan to give employees a few seats on corporate boards.”

With these words Nathan J. Robinson summarizes the comments on the right regarding Elizabeth Warren’s bill ( requiring corporations to provide their employees 40% of seats on their board of directors. Right wingers view this very modest proposal for #codetermination as socialism, as a “plan to ‘nationalize every major business in the United States,’ which would be ‘the largest seizure of private property in human history.'” (

The discussion not only in the U.S. press, but also on twitter (#codetermination) is very interesting. I read a lot of arguments we have been discussing in Germany for a long time, and I think the discussion could learn from the German experience of codetermination (Mitbestimmung). There is a lot of literature. The following source summarizes parts of the discussion and provides some references:

Berger, B., & Vaccarino, E. (2016). Codetermination in Germany – a role model for the UK and the US? Retrieved from