“Image Employment” at MoMA PS1 (Contemporary Art Daily)

Interesting exibition – interesting videos about employment

“Image Employment presents recent moving image works that investigate various modes of contemporary production. The selected works illustrate differing approaches to the subject, from observational films that avoid participation in capitalistic image creation, to videos that engage corporate omnipotence by employing its processes, as well as works that complicate these two tendencies.

Many of the films in the exhibition take an oppositional approach to commercial image making. In Kevin Jerome Everson’s Quality Control African-American workers from an Alabama dry-cleaning factory are shown relentlessly carrying out their jobs in real time. Everson explores the duration and physicality of labor through a series of lengthy shots that draw attention to particular tasks such as working the pant press or ironing shirts.

Alternately, many video works in this exhibition employ corporate processes and communication by reiterating corporate imagery and intervening into sites of emergent industries and globalized consumption. DIS’ Watermarked I Kenzo Fall 2012, for example, arose out of a paid commission for Kenzo’s seasonal menswear collection. The work reflexively dramatizes the commercial advertisement form through the absurd excesses of the actors’ expressions, the politically correct racial composition, and a stock media infused aesthetic.

Invoking the growing convergence between labor, consumption, and that which propels them, Image Employment examines different ways artists use moving image work to engage and confront contemporary modes of production.” (Source: “Image Employment” at MoMA PS1 (Contemporary Art Daily).

The videos are really interesting; my favorite ones are:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/59338090]
Harun Farocki, Workers Leaving the Factory, 1995

Superflex, The Financial Crisis, 2009. (on the MoMA page you will find a 12 minute version, a shorter one is on youtube🙂

Danke an Hannes für den Hinweis.